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Has FDLE Charged You Extra For Your Firearm?

Florida Department of Law Enforcement has a practice of charging for a background check when you buy a firearm. It is a little known fact that if you are Law Enforcement or a concealed carry license holder they are not suppose to charge you that fee. There is a class action lawsuit against the FDLE to try to get them to stop this. If you were ever put on hold for some reason the FDLE has extended the time you have to wait to indefinite. I have had client that have had to wait 6 months to get cleared for a gun purchase. The law states they have 3 days to decide and then give you a conditional release. If you have bought a firearm since 2015 please go to the following sight and register to be put on the class action law suit. We need as many people as possible to help get this straightened out.

Please do not take it out on the firearms dealers as of now they are still being charged the fee every time they have to do a background check. If you bought from us before and need to know dates and how many you purchased email us and we will get you the information. The web site to register is


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