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Know someone new to firearm ownership?

Give the gift of peace of mind

Concealed Carry Course Gift Certificate               $50.00

Firearm Safety Training Gift Certificate                  $40.00 per hour

Contact us for more information:  407-234-4445

in-store sales

Urban Carry Holsters*
G2 Total Concealment Holster Assorted Sizes - Ambidextrous
Lockdown Magnetic Barrel Rest*

*In-store purchases only - First come first serve while supplies last

All online sales are conducted through our online store:  
Clicking on the button below will take you directly  to our online store in a new window:   

Wholesale House Inventory, as a subsidiary of Artemis Enterprises, has inventory available through our wholesale houses.  You can search online for our available inventory from our wholesale house through our on-line store.

In Store Inventory

Our In Store Inventory is currently in a constant state of flux.  Inventory availability is changing faster than we can update our website and online store, therefore we have disabled our instore link on our online store web page until the market is more stable. 

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